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All of our products are organic produced and vegan friendly for consumption.

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About our products

CBD oil in liquid droplet form is an easy and easy way to consume CBD oil. The drop can be taken in various ways and the dosage can be easily adjusted according to your own needs. After ingestion, the body CBD absorbs the oil quickly in the body as the oil is liquid and therefore does not need to be broken down in the digestive system before it is absorbed into the blood. This makes the CBD oil efficient as well as easy to handle. If the oil is consumed in liquid pouch directly in the mouth, under the tongue, the absorption time is shortened and therefore the effect can be quickly felt. If you choose to consume CBD oil through food or other alternative solutions, the uptake time in the body increases, as the oil must be broken down before it can be absorbed into the body. CBD has a duration in the body between 6 and 10 hours and is one of the forms of ingestion where the effect lasts the longest.

All bottles at Organic España have a pipette attached which makes the dosing of CBD oil easier and more precise for each individual’s needs. All the bottles contain about 450 drops of CBD oil. All products at Organic España are 100% vegan friendly, and contain no preservatives, GMOs or artificial dyes. The oil is one of the most widely used ways of consuming CBD because it is easy and simple to take orally. The taste of CBD is greatly enhanced when consuming CBD purely through the oil, and for many it is a different experience that requires you to get used to the taste. It is normal that at first you think it is difficult to take CBD in this way, because its strong aftertaste remains in the mouth. However, over time you will get used to its strong and powerful taste.

You may feel an urge to flush to remove the aftertaste, but this action can reduce the absorption in the body. The best thing to do is to have patience, and if this is impossible due to the strong aftertaste, then you can take a piece of gum with flavor. A chewing gum will not reduce the absorption in the body as it does not supply other fluids, and so there is only your natural saliva in your mouth.

In our skin-care series there are several products that are carefully selected for the skin. The CBD creams can be applied directly to the exposed area and are absorbed immediately. All products in the series are made with 100% natural hemp plants, where no artificial dyes etc. have been added. The CBD included in the products is GMO-free and contains no animal by-products. This makes the skin-care series a natural and good choice for your skin.

Our unique cream series contains high quality CBD made from 100% organic and certified hemp plants. This means our products do not contain any pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers or other additives, because your skin deserves better!

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